Consultation for Existing Saddles


This fee will include assessment of the horse and existing tack, pick up and delivery if work cannot be completed on site, plus a recheck of the work after you have completed approximately 10 rides after the work has been completed and the saddle returned. This recheck is limited to 10 rides or 30 days depending on what comes first. A horse's muscle structure can change quickly once they are riding in a well-fitting saddle, so we must limit this offer.

Please book your recheck as soon as possible. Please let us know if you are unable to complete your rides in 30 days immediately (health issues, etc.).

New Saddle Search

This fee will include assessment of you and your horse's needs, as well as measurements and pictures for your use. It will also include one additional visit with any saddles you or we find for trial. This fee does not include any work needed to fit a saddle to your horse. If the search requires additional visits, additional fees may apply to cover.


Minor Adjustments