Santanna Marrocco


Canterbury Outpost is a fully independent saddlery that has been in business for over 20 years. We do not represent any saddle or company, and prefer to work with your existing saddle. However, if you do require a change in equipment or are shopping for a new saddle (or new to you), we can assist in that search as well. We can provide you with measurements and pictures, plus a working knowledge of what will best suit you and your equine partner. Joe is also a full saddler as well as a fitter, so we can also provide tack repairs and semi-customization to your saddle.


We will provide you with a time window for your appointment and we will try to arrive in that time. Please have your horse in, groomed and ready in a stall. Have all tack, including saddle, pads and girth available. It is important to be ready at the beginning of the appointment time ready as this affects other clients. We will text or call you if we are running early or late or on time. Be prepared to ride. More then likely you will not need to but it is advisable to be prepared just in case.

  Our commitment is to be a part of your team!  

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